Yoga & Journey of the Senses                  with Lakshmi

A transformational yoga class will prepare us to open our perceptions to nature and ourselves to start the walk in the garden of 5 senses. Roaming among the flowers, in intimate silence, we will observe their forms and beauty; and we will collect some special flowers to prepare our own alchemist tea. In harmony and a simple state of awareness we will enjoy the colours and fragrances of our beverage. Smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight will meet within the aroma of the tea. Sip by sip, we will acknowledge the values that inner peace can bring to us, blending our mind and body in a collective experience. Understanding the inevitability of impermanence and the simplicity of our inner being, we will prepare a simple breakfast: fruits and seeds, to celebrate the mellow beauty that nature and time offer to us to live with joy, in full presence. We will cultivate gratitude towards Nature, who gave us the gift of life and the vehicle to “enjoy it, in our body”.The content of the retreat is as follow:
  • Restorative asanas
  • Detoxing Pranayama breathing
  • Yoga nidra
  • Chakras harmonisation mantras
  • Walk in the garden
  • Floreal tea ceremony
  • Preparing healthy fruit salad
  • Guidance throught the 5 senses meditation
  • Potluck lunch to explore sensory awareness.
This activity includes breakfasts and potluck lunch, does not require advance registration (yet it is better to let us know) and it is suitable for any person. The cost the 2 days is Rs. 1800 for guests, Rs. 900 for Auroville volounteers, and on donation for Aurovilians & Auroville New Comers. If you need more information and register for this intensive, you can contact directly Lakshmi by phone or Whatsapp (+91 8489764602) or write to For more information about activities, therapies and events in Joy Community, you can visit our Facebook page.

Intensive Timing:

March 12th & March 13th, 9 am to 1 pm

Information & registration:

+91 8489764602 (Phone)

Laughter Yoga Classes @ Joy

About the Facilitator

Lakshmi is a certified massage therapist and yoga teacher. She has been offering different massage therapies and energy healing across Europe.
She loves to express her creativity through painting, chanting, dancing and cooking healthy vegan food. For her it’s very important to eat conscious nourishing food. She has been trained 200 YTT in Shivananda style in Kerala and 200 YTT Transformational yoga nearby Auroville. Since she has been practicing Transformational yoga with the correlated Pranayama techniques and mantra chanting, she has seen a huge difference and benefits in her life. Therefore, she is happy to share this powerful tools with you.