Hatha Yoga with Ramesh

These classes include traditional hatha poses, along with some vinyasa flow, pranayama, sanskrit mantra chanting, and meditation. Vinyasa, meaning a ‘smooth transition’ in Sanskrit, is a style where the practitioner is guided through various lying-down, sitting and standing poses in a smooth flow. The style is gentle, adaptive and progressive. Passive, gravity-assisted poses are mingled with dynamic, energetic styles. Each class will be unique and structured based on the needs of the students present. The practice will be rejuvenative and restorative, ideal for beginners to intermediate-level students.

Along with the asanas there will also be focus on pranayama, meditation and chanting. Pranayama is a system of yogic breath control that helps regulate ‘prana’ or the life force in the body through various mindful breathing techniques. This leads to a deeply healing experience and further conditions the mind for meditation. Advanced breathing practices, along with visualization and chanting, also help clean the ‘nadis’ or the nerve channels of the body, help to activate the ‘chakras’ along the spine and stimulate the Kundalini – the Life Force that lies coiled at the base of the spine. Ramesh will also introduce the students to various traditional Sanskrit mantras, their meaning and correct way of pronunciation that will aid them further in their practice. However, not all classes will focus on chanting.

These classes do not require advance registration (drop-in). They are free, but you are welcome to donate if you wish to do so. Bring your own mats, if possible. There are some mats at the yoga hall for those who need them. Asanas are ideally done on an empty stomach, so please ensure there is atleast a three-hour gap between your last meal and the session.

If you need more information, you can contact directly Ramesh by phone or Whatsapp (+91 9845168490) or write to serendipityauroville@gmail.com  For more information about activities, therapies and events in Serendipity Community, you can visit our Facebook page.

Classes Timing: 

Classes will resume in a few months. Smile till then 🙂

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About Ramesh

After spending more than ten years working in the digital media and entertainment services industry for big-name studios, as operations and project manager, I quit to travel, study, explore the world and myself. I started doing Yoga and Pranayama when I was quite young when my grandfather introduced me to a few essential exercises. I later started doing yoga more regularly throughout school and college. I quit when I started working full time, due to lack of time and would get back intermittently from time to time. A couple of years ago I started on the journey again and took to yoga as I began to understand it in a different light – not just a means to good health and fitness but as a means of preparing the body for energy practices – kriyas, activating prana and the energy centres, to raise the level of consciousness, ultimately to make the body and mind fit to receive higher understanding and make it a conduit for higher purposes. I grew up in a traditional household listening to mantra chants and rituals performed each day. So, my yoga practice is focused not just on Hatha, but involves the mind and awareness via pranayama, chanting, meditation, kriyas, and visualization to generate a greater well-being – Yogakshema. My areas of study include diverse paths such as Advaita, Kashmiri Shaivism, the Shakta tradition, Taoism and Shamanic traditions across the world. These have contributed to my understanding of the nature of the world and inform and influence my own personal practices. My other interests include art/painting, creating content for my fledgling youtube channel, talking philosophy, running and backpacking when time and money allows.