Expressive Arts – with Anjali

The key purpose of Intermodal Expressive Arts sessions is to build our relationship with an art process in an experiential and embodied way through multiple art forms such as visual, writing, photography, dance, movement, music, or drama. By moving away from the result, into paying attention to the creative process, we allow ourselves to connect deeper to the resources we hold within us.

Through the art making process we will focus on what moves in us and wants to be expressed. Creative expression helps in letting go to find access in the sensorial experience of ‘the emerging image’. This opens a greater understanding and support with the challenges we face in ourselves and in our relationship to others. The sessions are an invitation into a process that provides a safe space where art can be enjoyed for art’s sake, with no judgment or evaluation.

The sessions will emphasize creative imagination, mindfulness through art, and connecting with our deeper selves. This space will also allow you to connect with your authentic forms of expression, as you explore with the arts. This helps access inner resources otherwise untapped.

The session is open for anyone looking to explore with the arts. No prior art experience or skill is required, though having a preference for modalities is welcome. All materials will be provided. The sessions typically last for 60-90 minutes. 

At the moment Anjali is not present at the Campus,

but you can reach out to her for details on her sessions:  +919560026678 

Shiatsu @ Joy

About the Therapist – Anjali

Anjali is an Intermodal Expressive Arts Practitioner, Pranic Healer and Tarot Reader from India. She was awarded the Gold Medal in her undergraduate studies in Psychology and Design, and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Expressive Arts Therapy from the European Graduate School, Switzerland. Mental health and well-being has always been something she’s passionate about and her own journey has led her to explore various healing modalities. She was drawn to Auroville through a course on Expressive Arts which shaped her journey towards becoming a holistic healer. In her work, she emphasizes the wisdom of the mind, body and spirit which can be accessed through art, imagery, tarot and prana (vital life force or energy). Some of the themes she works with include achieving emotional balance, connecting with the self, identity, strengths, resources, meaning and purpose, creating clarity during transitions in life, relationship healing, amongst others. Anjali aims to integrate and offer several healing modalities aimed at improving well-being through self-discovery, expression and energetic exploration.