Tea Meditation – with Jass

Tea is an ancient drink that has been hailed for its beneficial effects for ages. The story goes that centuries ago some monks threw these leaves in a pot of hot water and discovered that after drinking the infusion they could meditate much better! And so tea and meditation have always been intertwined. In this session we will explore the traditional Chinese way of serving tea, ‘Gong Fu Cha’, drinking quality Chinese tea in a silent and mindful manner. We will drink a few rounds of cups together, meanwhile opening all our senses to the subtle fragrances of the tea and feeling our body and mind change cup after cup. After about 45 minutes of silence, there will be space for a short sharing and questions. Do not miss this unique opportunity to discover ‘Cha Dao’, the way of tea.

This is a Drop in event and it is suitable for both complete beginners and experienced tea connoisseurs. The contribution for this activity is on donation basis for everyone (guests, volounteers & Aurovilians). If you need more information you can contact directly Jass by phone or Whatsapp (+91 733 945 9425) or serendipityauroville@gmail.com

Activity Timing:

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About the Facilitator

Jass (Gijs Van den Broeck) learned to meditate as a child. The past 10 years of his life he has dedicated to deepening his practice, studying with different teachers and travelling far and wide. He has lived and studied with Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh for more than 1 year in his mindfulness practice centre ‘Plum Village’ in France. This is where he learned about tea meditation. After this he has traveled through China, exploring tea in depth in different Zen monasteries. He has also been connected with ‘Global Tea Hut’, a worldwide community of traditional tea & meditation lovers. The past 5 years he has been sharing and teaching meditation across continents, conducting small tea ceremonies wherever he goes. He is also a massage therapist certified by the Belgian Massage Federation and has been practicing massage therapy for a number of years; specifically, he studied massage therapy at the Wellness Academie in Belgium and ayurvedic massage at Ayuskama Ayurveda in Rishikesh.  He has been living as a volunteer in Auroville for a few years and he keeps on with his path.