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Sanskrit is the key to enter into the wide world of Indian Traditional Culture. The Sacred Scriptures as well the Secular Scriptures are found to be written in Sanskrit language, thus a fundamental knowledge for students of Yoga and Spiritual Scriptures.

Sanskrit is a highly logical, flexible, and subtle language. For a student of Yoga and Spiritual aspirants, the knowledge of Sanskrit is a significant means to prepare the mind for a deeper understanding of scriptures.

About the Teacher – Sonia Novaes

Sonia Novaes is a Brazilian born in Campinas city in 1978. She completed her degree in Philosophy in the Pontifical Catholic University and started her studies in Oriental Philosophy and Yoga when she was 18 years with Swami Vagishananda and Andres De Nuccio. In 2003, she went to India for the first time to study with her teacher Swami Dayananda Saraswati, where she remained to deepen her studies of Vedanta, Sanskrit and Mantras. She attended a three-year residential course in Rishikesh at Swami Dayananda Ashram with Swami Brahmavidyananda.

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