Prana Vashya Asana Yoga

The P.V. primary series is a sixty asana sequence which focuses on the development of strength with flexibility. The breath remains the key for practice throughout the series and the practitioner focuses on being controlled by the breath (Adopting proper breathing techniques for each movement during the practice) maintaining continuity in the breath and movements till the end of practice.

The essence of withdrawing our awareness from the external world during the practice is considered extremely important in Prana Vashya Yoga. The practitioner continues to remain under the influence of conscious breathing cycles through the practice.

About the Teacher – Helena Giron

The love for movement has always been a part of my life in forms of gymnastic, rock- climbing, dance. I took my first Yoga class in Paris in Gérard Arnaud’s studio, the practice resonated in me from the beginning. The search began… but not in Paris… I packed my bag and left for a two and a half years journey through India and South East Asia open to new experiences, ideas, adventures and … chilliiiiiiiiiii !!

Hopping from one ashram to another, trying different styles of Yoga, I finally ended up in Mysore practicing Ashtanga. After a few months, I met Vinay Kumar, a very inspiring and humble teacher and I started practicing “Prana Vashya Yoga” with him. I fully dedicated myself to this practice for 7 months. This completely changed my approach to Yoga, deepened my practice and reflected in so many other aspects of my life.

While traveling in Thailand, I met a few AcroYogis playing in the park, they gave me my first flight and I immediately fell in love with AcroYoga. Everything I loved was there: connecting with people, laughing, playfulness, challenge… and it also opened new doors to healing arts. That was it! I found what I was searching for. After meeting so many inspiring people, I felt it was time for me to share this empowering practice with many more people and transmit this joy that AcroYoga practice gives… 🙂

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Prana Vashya Asana Yoga  Class Timings

  • PRANA VASHYA Yoga (Drop in)
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    This class is a drop-in class and everybody is invited to join 🙂