Yoga Inversions & Relaxed Handstands with Marc

Inversions and hand-balancing will be taught step by step, with each level offering safe & fun challenges. Physical inversions can be seen from the angle of acrobatics or yoga,.. or both!  Balance will also happen through recovery moves that pave the way to a lifelong practice. Learn to safely train wrists & shoulders, develop core power, find alignments, strengthen determination and balance, overcome fears, help each other… and PLAY! Inversions and hand-balancing will be taught step by step, starting with prep exercises that will lay the foundation for your evolving practice, alone or with a partner. Inverted balances can be seen from the angle of acrobatics or yoga,.. or both!  Sharp acrobatics technique can blend optimally with bandas, breath, and intention. We will seek the best of both worlds!  Along the way, you will partner up and coach each other, and refine techniques of mutual help towards relaxed balance.  At the end of sessions, we will use simple self- massage techniques, stretches and restorative movements for proper recovery and well-being in a lifelong practice.

This intensive requires advance registration (at least 1 day in advance) and it is suitable for beginner to intermediate level students. The cost is Rs. 1200 for guests, Rs. 600 for Auroville volounteers, and on donation for Aurovilians & Auroville New Comers. If you need more information, you can visit Marc’s Website  or Facebook or contact him directly ( or write to For more information about activities, therapies and events in Joy Community, you can visit our facebook page.

Intensive Timing:

Saturday January 19th, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Advance Registration Only:

Traditional Mantra Classes @ Joy

About the Teacher – Marc Bauchet

I transitioned from martial arts to yoga at the end of 2001 with daily practice, evolving through various styles over the years (Bikram, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Contact Yoga). To follow my passion for taking yoga and massage in the air, i became certified in teaching AcroYoga and Tulayoga. In the continuity of my love for connected movement I also dived in Contact Improvisation and Argentine tango, which are now weaved into my teaching. AcroYoga allows me to connect the healing modalities I studied (Thai massage, Tulayoga, Rolfing) and the fiery fun of partner acrobatics.