Hypnotherapy with Lhamo

In modern hypnosis, the emphasis is put on our own relationship to our own creative unconscious. There are many different aspects and parts in our outer and inner life. And there are parts that don’t have a positive appearance. But in hypnosis, we can turn them into positive possibilities and let them teach us how to discover their positive meaning. Lhamo has a very humorous, gentle and sensitive approach to make everyone feel at ease. Her motto is: may we all enjoy our lives with endless creativity.

This therapy lasts for about 1½ hour; the cost is Rs.2000 for guests, 50 % discount for Aurovilians, New Comers and volounteers. For more information or to make an appointment (book at least one day in advance), please contact directly Lhamo by phone or Whatsapp (+91 9565524237) or write to serendipityauroville@gmail.com .

By appointment only:

Phone or Whatsapp (+91 9565524237)

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About the Therapist

A part from developing a strong background in Chinese martials and healing arts, Lhamo started studying modern Hypnosis in 2010 under the guidance of Stephen Gilligan and later on NLP and Life Coaching with Robert Dilts, whom she still both follows. Their approach to Healing fits her previous learning and helps her bring a deeper and more holistic side to healing and self growth. She moved to Varanasi in India about 6 years ago and then to Auroville 1 year ago where she deepened her path through self-healing.