Gua Sha (Chinese Detox Scrub)              with Lhamo

This is one of China’s oldest treatments. The practitioner uses a Tool like a flat piece of jade to scrap the skin to help release blocks, stagnant blood, energy and restore a natural flow. When the toxins in the deep layers of the body reach the surface through scraping, they get more easily released from the body. This treatment is also suitable for healthy people to detoxify, to purify and improve the metabolism of the whole body.

This therapy lasts for about 1 hour; the cost is Rs. 2000 for guests, 50 % discount for Aurovilians, New Comers and volounteers. For more information or to make an appointment (book at least one day in advance), please contact directly Lhamo by phone or Whatsapp (+91 9565524237) or write to .

By appointment only:

Phone or Whatsapp (+91 9565524237)

Facial Acupuncture @ Joy

About the Therapist:

Lhamo (Zhao Zhengrong), from China, started her martial arts journey at age 11. Slowly shifting from outer martial arts to inner practices, she studied Ba Gua Zhang and Tai Ji Quan under different teachers, and kept on studying different aspects of Chinese Medicine, such as Moxibustion, cupping, infant and children massage, acupuncture and Chinese traditional massage. Moreover, through her years of learning she discovered an acupuncture method which resonated with her and that she loves sharing : facial acupuncture where very small needles are used solely on the face of the patient, which is a mirror of the whole body. It uses a very interesting and immediate way to assess the changes in the body. Lhamo moved to Auroville a year ago and since then she has been teaching and practicing a number of Chinese traditional martial and healing arts.