Community Lunch Potluck            with Serendipity Team

Food and love are two of the most vital forms of human nourishment, it is a natural combination, because through cooking we give. Cooking and serving food are two of the most ancient and basic human gifts. We serve those who eat the food with the Earth’s sustenance (Its gift) as well as with our time, effort, care, and attention. Through this gift we are in turn given the opportunity to consciously reconnect with the foundation of life. Life is in fact abundantly present in the ingredients we use in our cooking, and we can access it simply through bringing our open attention to them as we work. Let’s give ourselves time and space to cook. In our modern world we have almost entirely lost this direct relationship with food. But food links us together and to the Earth, and especially cooking together can help us become more conscious of this essential gift of love. Everything that is part of cooking (from the fire of the stove and the herbs we season with, to the water or wine we pour) invites us to consciously participate in this circle of life that both gives and receives. The more we recognize that we are part of this wholeness, not separate from it, the more love can flow with and through us.

For this end, it is very important that we carefully choose what we want to prepare, it must be like creating a feast every single time. We need the best organic ingredients, as much as possible coming from Serendipity’s vegetable garden or Auroville farms, and we surely don’t want to go for industrial ones, any processed ingredients must be kept at minimum. This is a totally creative experience, in which we try to make everything from scratch. In which we dare to experiment and make something more beautiful and more tasteful than we ever did. Because this is not just food that we are making, this is food made with love and it is food made for the soul of our beloved companions. And as like we are here to serve, we are also here learn to be served, to practice the ancient art of receiving with an open heart. Because we have forgotten to look around and see all the gifts that are there for us, all the smiles that people have there for us, if we only look. Can you imagine what a fantastic meal we will get with so much love?

This program is aimed at beginning love cookers, but can also be a special experience for those who have a kitchen full of love. It is open to everyone, from Serendipity to the rest of Auroville, but don’t forget to bring your own dish as this a potluck. If you need more information, you can contact us by phone or Whatsapp (+91 9385623342) or visit our Facebook page.

Lunch Timing:

Every Monday 12:45 to 1:45 pm

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